Why Felicious?

Everyone who knows me well knows about my obsession with food and cooking, my happiness at spending hours in the kitchen, and my love of making everything from scratch. A few years ago, while auditioning for a little cooking show known as Masterchef, I decided to finally start a blog. ย A few people had told me they would love to read it and so Felicious was first conceived in late 2012 as a way to keep everyone up to date with my food adventures. It was just as quickly put to bed when I missed out on making the Final 22 by just a few people. I lost a bit of my kitchen mojo. I still cooked, but rarely anything involving multiple courses, or of any great difficulty. Save for the odd batch of macarons, and some camembert, the output from the felicious kitchen was nothing to brag about. I kept re-registering the Felicious name without knowing if I would ever use it.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am once again in love with food. A slow burn that had been building all year recently ignited with a holiday through the US, Europe and Singapore and so Felicious 2.0 was born!

Iโ€™m not really a recipe kind of girl, I think this stems from some sort of childhood rebellion. I started cooking when I was 9 and didnโ€™t really see why I had to do it exactly like the book said. I have a ridiculous collection of cookbooks which I occasionally use to provide inspiration, or for more technical processes, but unless it is a dish which requires precise measurements (Iโ€™m looking at you baking) then I tend to operate using the โ€œbit of this, bit of thatโ€ approach. I will start writing things down though, just in case you see something you would like to try at home, and arenโ€™t as cavalier when it comes to the rule books.

First up will be a bit of reminiscing about some of the amazing (and not so amazing) food I sampled during my 5 weeks away, followed up by some kitchen time. Taking inspiration from Italy and France, my first project will beย some slow cooked beef cheeks and a rose and raspberry tart. All with a couple of glasses of vino and maybe a limoncino to finish!

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