Felicious on Tour: Dine in the Dark + Singapore

The final stop on my recent holiday was Singapore where I got to enjoy a few days with my friend Ned. I’d been wanting to go for a while and finally got the chance on the way back from Europe. I’ve known Ned for around 5 years so he knows what a big foodie I am and I knew he would have a food itinerary planned out for me.

I was not disappointed. My first day in Singapore was largely spent sleeping. I think the previous 4 weeks of excess consumption and multiple time zone changes had finally caught up with me and I struggled to stay awake for more than an hour at a time. My luggage being somewhere between Rome and Singapore meant no pool time so I figured sleep was the next best thing.

After literally sleeping my first day away I was pretty excited to get out and explore and see what Ned had planned for me. Friday night was pretty cool…. From the little cocktail bar with no menu, just some master mixologists and a set of questions about personal tastes, to the bar at the end of the night where you can buy an entire bottle of vodka which stays there, labelled with your name, forย consumption over the coming weeks, Singapore was proving to be my kind of place.

The highlight of the night was without a doubt the Nox Dine in the Dark Restaurant. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it is exactly as it says: you dine in the dark. I’m not talking a darkened room your eyes adjust to, I am talking a pitch black room where the only thing visible is the odd red dot from a smoke detector pilot light.

The vision impaired wait staff guide you to your seat and have you feel how the table is set, where to find your water glass etc and then the fun starts.

The meal is served as three courses of four tasting plates. Set on an almond shaped plate, the dishes are placed in a clock like formation so you can choose the plate at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock etc. We chose to have the accompanying wines so had to be careful to remember where I put it down. Given the only thing I had to wear from my carry on was a brand new white top, I was glad Ned didn’t send his red wine glass crashing across the table on me!

The dishes themselves were lovely, as you would expect at any find dining restaurant. Some were easier to pick than others, the ceasar salad and the chocolate fondant were pretty obvious however with others we managed to guess some of the ingredients if not the entire dish. The only dishes we got entirely wrong was mistaking the venison for lamb, and the foie gras for a very fatty pork belly. The foie gras was also the only thing we didn’t like, which suits me as I don’t like the idea of eating it anyway. It doesn’t sit well with the ethical side of my personality to eat something that has been force fed.

A big highlight of the experience was the chance to experience, even for just a moment, what life might be like for the very inspiring vision impaired staff we met that night. If you love food and love to try something different, make sure you visit Nox Dine in the Darkย when you’re next in Singers.


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