Tis the season to be jolly.

I love Christmas…. even when I hate it and am trying to maintain my grinchyness, by the time December rolls around and the carols start playing I get sucked in. The fact I have been thinking about Christmas for work for months by then, and am well and truly over it is cast aside. A little switch goes off inside me and out come the reindeer antlers, the christmas movies and the cooking. To me, Christmas is about family and spending time with the people you love, so what could be bad about that?

My family Christmas usually involves a big bowl of sangria and red corvette cocktails, my dad sitting back asking if “you girls have checked the pork yet?” and a progressively drunker day which usually ends with a screening of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (this part I can live without) followed by the Boxing Day test the next day.

Christmas is at my place this year, and so it is a challenge as I have almost no kitchen to speak of and no dining table. Entertaining on this scale is difficult to say the least! If I had a big family, a large entertaining space (and a dishwasher), I would be planning place settings, and themes… but as it is, I am planning a relatively easy Christmas lunch and a “wash as you go” approach.

The menu this year:

Santa caprese bites (there has to be a little bit of naff)
A cheese platter with goats, ploughmans and a baked camembert.
Prawns with a roasted garlic and lime zest aioli
Maple and lemon pork belly cooked in a bed of apples
Quinoa salad with mint, pomegranate and pistachios
Fetta and watermelon salad

Sago pudding with custard and cream mixed together (it sounds odd but is delicious).

The famous Kendall sangria.

What are your Christmas traditions?

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