Bondi Vixen 30 Day Shred.

So call me crazy but I’ve decided to sign up to a 30 Day Shred program that the girls in my training group, Bondi Vixen, are doing as a team.

Motivation amongst the girls at classes was dropping so my trainers came up with the idea of a challenge to get us all back on track, a 30 Day Shred. I’ve noticed my diet getting a bit slack lately, and my commitment to training, so after initially dismissing the idea, I decided to give it a go. I am also going on holiday at the end of next month, so figure a healthy month now will mean less guilt then!

Last time I tried this diet I was in the middle of the kitchen renovation from hell and it was just too hard without a sink or a cooktop. This time I have no such excuses so with a touch of trepidation, tonight I am going to embark on the prep for this week, and the diet starts tomorrow.

The meal plan essentially involves eating every 3 hours, with things like egg white omelettes, chicken breast, tofu, salad and veges. No fruit, nuts or seedsย (??), no wine(?!?!?!?) and no sauces.

I am planning aย cheat day. I have booked a Gelato Messina cooking class for this month. Places in those classes sell out in minutes when released so I am not cancelling. Other than that though, I plan to stick to it.

My time in the kitchen this month will be spent coming up with things which are tasty but allowed e.g. a masterstock for poaching chicken and different salad mixes which will let me maximise flavour, without leading me to cry actual tears over my lack of dressing.

On a plus, given the amount of egg whites I will be eating, I can make myself a whole lot of ice cream and gelato with the yolks for when my 30 days is up!

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