The never ending charm of the AWW Children’s Cakes Cookbook journalist, Ginger Gorman, today made a bold claim regarding the best book ever written in this country. No, it was not Possum Magic, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, or anything by the late and beloved Bryce Courtenay, which earned this accolade, but rather a book dear to every Australian child in the 80s.

I refer of course to the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Cakes book. Printed and re-printed several times in the past 30 years, this book seems to hold a special place in Australian history. Before fondant toppers and flood icing cookies, and around the same time as the Barbie cake peaked in popularity, the hilariously retro AWWCC was a staple in every Australian mother’s kitchen.

The beauty of the cakes in this book is that they often fall into the “so bad they are good” category. Even the cakes contained within the book themselves often look like a “Nailed It!” board on Pinterest.

I remember fondly the swimming pool cake, and the butterfly cake my sister once had. If I look hard enough through the old family photo albums, I will probably still find a photo of the first cake I ever made entirely by myself – the Puss in Boots. I was about 10 at the time, and I still remember cutting all the licorice to line puss with.

Mention any of these cakes to an Aussie kid of the 80’s and they will likely squeal with delight at a walk down memory lane, or recount some story about a mean mummy not making the cake they wanted.

What’s your AWWCC story? And can anyone explain why the duck cake had a chip beak??

Watch comedian Josh Earl reminisce about the train cake.

Read Ginger Gorman’s article here.

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