My next challenge! 2015’s 3 New Skills.

So I’ve been thinking for a little while about things to attemptย in the kitchen. I’ve been feeling really inspired lately, and trying to think about what my 3 new skills for 2015 might be. In the past they’ve included things like how to wrap a cake in chocolate, macarons, ice cream, fondant decorating, soft cheese, salami, souffles etc. They can be sweet or savoury, but every year there has to be 3 new things I learn to make.

This year I have decided that the first thing I attempt is to learn how to flood ice cookies! Flood iced cookies look so great for special occassions and the possibilities really are endless when it comes to designs.

I suspect my first attempts will not be things I particularly want anyone to see, and that this is a skill which looks A LOT easier than it really is. But I’m up for the challenge, wish me luck!

I still have no idea what 2 and 3 will be…. maybe puff pastry from scratch, and panacotta which I have actually never made, despite my love of dairy desserts!

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