I haven’t changed.


If you had asked me lately if I thought I was the same person I was as a kid, a teen, a young adult, I would have answered with an emphatic “Hells No!’.

It turns out though, that there are a couple of areas in life where it becomes clear I haven’t really changed,ย not even a little bit!

We are now up to Week 4 of theย Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Scienceย course, with a new topic being released weekly. Yes that very course I was beyond excited to find and couldn’t wait to get into! To date I have done none of them. The reason I have done none of them, is because all practical assignments are due at the end of the course, not ongoing. Also, it’s because my laptop at home has died, so I need a new one before doing any serious video watching. But really, it’s because deep down I’m a little bit disorganised and a little bit hopeless.

A more organised person than myself would have completed the assigned tasks each week. Me? I will probably do what I did through school and university…. and that is wait until the very last minute, cram like crazy and get them submitted right on deadline! (Okay, if I’m honest…. if I was to do now what I did in school, I’d deliberately not do my practical work, talk all the way through class and then sweet talk someone into letting me copy their notes and still manage to pass).

I am going to attempt to do Weeks 1-4 this week, but don’t count on me!

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