It takes a village….

Ora na azu nwa….. or “it takes a village to raise a child”.

2 lovely friends of mine recently became proud parents to a beautiful baby boy and while I was perusing their gift registry a few months ago, this awesome section called “It takes a village” jumped out at me. Included in the list of onesies, bath toys and all those other baby things, was the option to gift the new parents and their newborn some time. With gifts such as an hour cleaning, a night baby sitting and my personal favourite, a weeks worth of dinners, suggested as gift ideas, I was instantly intrigued. Not only do I love to cook, but I am a very big believer in community and I thought this was a really lovely idea.

So 3 weeks after the divine Ash was born, my week of dinners is here and so in typical Felicious fashion, I’ve spent the past week coming up with meal ideas and amassed a selection of meals, snacks and treats! Below is the full list of things I had planned to deliver, but I managed to blow up my stovetop on Saturday and so had to rely on a single camp stove. Suffice to say, not everything got completed by dinner time Sunday.


  • Hummus with carrot and celery sticks (one handed healthy snacks).


  • Slow cooked beef tacos with salsa and guacamole (slightly fiddly and not one handed, but I wanted to make one meal which was a little bit special)
  • A pot of pasta sauce (this can be frozen for later)
  • Sweet potato, chorizo and kale frittata
  • Felicity’s delicious quinoa salad
  • Potato salad


  • Muesli cookies (rolled oats are apparently good for breastfeeding mothers).

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