My take on: Sake Double Bay

Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines, the food is always light, fresh and delicious. I was quite happy then to find out my work Christmas party was to be held at Sake, Double Bay.


A restaurant of Sake’s quality rarely disappoints and this time was no different. As a party of 30 or so, we were served a set menu and every course was delicious. I elected not to eat the fried rice, I don’t care for the taste or production methods of Foie Gras. I am not vegetarian, or vegan, I like meat and dairy. But I am firmly against cruelty to animals so I find the idea of it a little distasteful.

The standouts for me were the scallops and the beef. I could have quite happily had plates of those all to myself!

The dessert egg was also a highlight. It was beautiful in both taste and presentation and created the perfect amount of theatre at the end of the night.

Add in a couple of delicious cocktails and it was a pretty faultless afternoon. My choice of the cocktails were the delicious Miss Wednesday and the Ritz Carlton. If you like rose and passionfruit, give them a try!

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