Baking disasters. What not to do.

I decided to do some baking on Sunday. I was curious to try the condensed milk cheesecake recipe I had found on Baking Mom. I love cheesecake, and I love a food fad so I figured I would try it out since everyone is talking about these cakes at the moment.

I gathered up all the ingredients, laid them out and proceeded to mix up a storm. All of the different elements came together perfectly to mix what looked like an incredibly light cake batter.

I placed it in the water bath I had prepared, noting how the cake mixture was so light that it floated in the water. Almost 2 hours of cooking later I removed it from the oven and it was then that I discovered my first lesson for the day…


Half of ย my lovely cheesecake mix had been submerged in water and had poached. The other half, the non water logged portion, cooked as it should. The top of the cake was delicious. I would add more cheese, lemon and condensed milk next time, but it was light and fluffy and not too sweet.

The bottom reminded me slightly of soggy white bread.

The second thing I learnt came about through a blonde moment. A moment of pure stupidity. I decided to use the leftover condensed milk to make a cheat’s dulch de leche. And my lesson of the day…..

NEVER, NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING, EVER EAT CARAMEL STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PAN! You will burn your mouth in ways you couldn’t even imagine!

On the plus side, adding the caramel to the top increased the sweetness of the cake and it was quite delicious, in spite of the poached bottom!

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