Class Review: Gelato Messina Hands On

Long time so speak! It feels like forever since I’ve done a cooking class, or really done any great amount of cooking for that matter! It’s easy to get into lazy habits when you live by yourself in an area where there are lots of cost effective meal options on your doorstep. My style of cooking usually takes a ridiculous list of ingredients, and it’s often cheaper just to duck to to Bondi Rd and grab something for one.

But I am determined to change that and justify the expense of all of my gadgets (ice cream churner I am looking at you!).

A few months ago I booked into a class with my friends Steph (of @herunsicook) and Tina. We’ve done a few classes together and it’s always a great girly day.

This time we were lucky enough to secure spots in Gelato Messina’s hands on class this past Saturday, where we got to indulge in a 3 course gelato breakfast, and make our own slightly less complex dessert of chocolate panacotta with raspberry jelly, chantilly cream and chocolate gelato.

If you love to cook, love gelato or just want a fun day out, I can highly recommend it. The gelato breakfast was delicious (my favourite was the passionfruit dish) and the dessert we made was yummy and simple enough for the novice or experienced cook to master.

The best part is you get to take home everything you don’t eat. Luckily for me I don’t have to share!


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